Getting Active


We know it’s hard sometimes to find the motivation to get outside and be active, especially during the colder months. Escape the same four walls, enjoy the outdoors this winter by finding inspiration to go for a walk or cycle with #StrideAndRide.

Find out about places to explore, walking sports you didn’t know existed and the benefits that even a short walk or ride can bring to your life.

Bingo Challenge

Download our Bingo Cards and work your way to a full house, whilst getting healthier in both body and mind!

Why not post your pictures of you completing each square, with our beautiful Lincolnshire backdrop?  

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Walking Groups

Joining a walking group is a great way to motivate yourself keep walking regularly, you’ll be able to socialise and make new friends whilst becoming more active. They also allow you to explore your local area, or to safely venture further afield.

Most groups are free, or very low cost to join.

There are many different walking groups across Lincolnshire. We’ve including some information on a few below:

Find Something New

There is a huge range of different options for walking and cycling in Lincolnshire and the benefits of this can be massive; from spending more quality time with family to getting involved in new lower-intensity sport like walking netball or walking football. 

Regular exercise has a massive mental health benefit as well, including boosting good moods and reducing feelings of anxiety.

Check out some of our guides on great ways to walk or ride more across Lincolnshire.

Time To Explore


Lincolnshire has many beautiful routes and trails to explore, whether you want to ramble in the Wolds, enjoy a coastal walk with your family or discover more about Lincolnshire history on a town trail, we have some suggestions below.

Inspiring stories

Image of lady with walking poles in front of lake
85 Year old Margaret discovered Co-op Wellbeing Walks, after experiencing problems with her mobility.

Margaret Ford,