Walking Tennis

Play tennis at your own pace and discover all the physical health benefits of taking part in walking tennis in Lincolnshire.

All of the rules of walking tennis are the same as regular tennis, the only difference is the speed and you can let the ball bounce twice. Taking part is a safe, fun and inclusive way to keep your mind and body active – while also enjoying the social side of being part of a tennis community.

Discover a new love for being active regularly, and learning a new sport by joining your local walking tennis group in Lincolnshire.

A senior lady playing walking tennis in Lincolnshire.

Where to Play Walking Tennis in Lincolnshire?

Sleaford Tennis Club

Each Monday afternoon, Sleaford Tennis Club host their Walking Tennis sessions with their tennis coach. Each session is followed by the chance to enjoy a hot drink and chat with your fellow player.

Why Try Walking Tennis?

Walking tennis is ideal for those who are just starting, returning from an injury or just need a bit more time getting to the ball. The game is designed to be accessible to all. It’s still tennis – but with a few tweaks:

  • You can let the ball bounce twice for extra time,
  • You play on a smaller court and can use modified equipment (i.e. smaller net, softer tennis balls, smaller tennis rackets),
  • Running and jumping are not allowed.

Positively Impact Your Mental Health:

Even short bursts of regular exercise have proven benefits to your physical and mental health, making this indoor sport a fantastic way to boost your well-being.