Getting Active

Street Tag

Join us in a fun, new way to stay active with Street Tag, a game we’re bringing to Lincolnshire. Street Tag turns your local area into a thrilling adventure, helping you and your family stay active!

What is Street Tag?

Street is a free app that makes getting active fun! It transforms your surroundings into a virtual world of challenges. Explore your local area, find virtual tags, and collect points to climb up the leaderboard. It’s a great way to play, explore and stay fit with your family and friends

How Does It Work?

All you need is the free Street Tag app. Walking or cycling around your area, you can find and collect virtual tags. The more tags you collect, the higher you climb on the School or Community Leaderboard. You can also drop tags for others to find and collect. And watch for challenges, hidden QR codes, and animated characters for bonus points!

Schools & Communities

We’re working with schools and communities in Lincolnshire to encourage everyone to stay active. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or a resident, you can join the fun. 

Schools compete against each other on the School Leaderboard, and groups of residents can compete on the Community Leaderboard.

Prizes & Rewards

Do you have a competitive streak? There are exciting prizes up for grabs for both the schools and community leaderboards. Rise to the top and see what prizes you can win. 

Each district will have its own leaderboards and prizes, so every bit of effort counts. Get your step count up, find those tags, and aim for the top!

Let's Get Moving

We’re all about helping you get active and have fun at the same time. Street Tag can help reduce car trips, encourage walking and cycling, and boost your physical activity. Plus, it’s a great way to enjoy local sights and support local businesses.

Download the App to find new places to explore and grab high scoring tags too. 

Join In

Street Tag has now launched across Lincolnshire!  Download the Street Tag app today and start your adventure!

Download the app on the Play Store or App Store. Follow Street Tag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share your progress and see what others are up to.

Street Tag encourages me to walk further during the day. The setting of a power hour encourages me to get out and about when motivation is low. Street Tag’s use of a leaderboard against other Greenwich Schools promotes a positive competition within and outside our immediate local community.
Street Tag has rejuvenated my old bones, made me more active and helped me show my students there’s life in old Ms Adams still!
Joining in with street tag has improved my fitness so much, and gives me the motivation to go for longer walks, enjoying my sea side town of Harwich, my breathlessness has gone, I’ve lost weight and feeling so much more healthy and confident. Many thanks for a great game.