Getting Active


When you have caring responsibilities, it can be harder to be active with time restraints and other barriers making it hard to visit leisure centre, or do full length exercise videos.

However, making time for movement can help you look after your own physical and mental wellbeing. Take a look at the resources on this page to support you to move more in a way that is convenient to you.

Carers UK Videos

Carers UK has developed inclusive activity and wellbeing videos aimed at unpaid carers so that they can be active at home when it’s convenient to them.

The short video workouts and bitesize functional exercises feature real carers alongside instructors. The videos will help you to be active in a way that works for you, and at a time that’s convenient, while offering an inclusive and fun way to feel the physical and mental benefits. These video workouts cover a range of activities and are inclusive of all ages and fitness abilities.

It’s better to start slowly and build up gradually if you’re new to exercise. And remember to drink water while you’re exercising and make sure you have plenty of space around you.

Find more support, resources and inspiration to get active on the Carers UK Activity Hub.

Local Support

Carers First

Carers First works directly with carers, providing personalised information and tailored support in the way that suits them. They also offer groups and events to carers to socialise, including coffee morning, and relaxing physical activity sessions such as walks, and tai chi.

Helping those you care for to move more:

Take a look at our Ways to Move section to find advice and support on helping people with a health condition or disability to move more in a way that works for them.

If you’re caring for an older adult you can find simple exercises they can do at home on our Active at Home pages.

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