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Active Lincolnshire would love to improve the health and wellbeing of their community by getting more people, more active! To help achieve this goal and make it easy for people to find sport and activity opportunities, Active Lincolnshire has partnered with Playwaze to create an OpenActive powered activity finder. This makes it simple for customers as it displays all the relevant information they need i.e. class times, location and costs which are shared by clubs/groups who use an OpenActive compliant booking system.

All of this is possible thanks to the Sport England initiative OpenActive, any sports provider who uses a compliant system in Lincolnshire will automatically appear on the activity finder and benefit from the many marketing campaigns being promoted to get people more active. Not only do providers benefit from Active Lincolnshire campaigns, they will also feature on National Campaigns too such as Decathlon and Move GB.

Want to add your activities, find out how below:


Use Playwaze, our digital partner and recommended booking system provider.

As well as Playwaze offering a free option to publish your first activity, Active Lincolnshire have provided 20% off Playwaze for clubs and providers in Lincolnshire using code LML20PW


OpenActive Enabled System Providers

If you already have a booking system provider who has OpenActive functionality, ask them to open up your data.

A full list of OpenActive enabled systems can be found below.

If you don’t currently use a booking system and Playwaze isn’t the right booking system for you, you can find out about all the other available OpenActive-enabled booking systems by clicking the button below and select the right booking system for you.


Implement OpenActive into your existing booking system

If you use your own booking system, or your booking system is not on the approved OpenActive list, then you or your system provider can enhance your booking system to become OpenActive Enabled.

Building OpenActive functionality will allow you publish your activities/facilities on Let’s Move Lincolnshire and many other platforms. To find out more about how to do this, share the link below with your booking system provider or developers.

If you are a sports club and want to be listed in the ‘Sports Club’ search results on the Let’s Move Lincolnshire Activity Finder, please register an account on Playwaze and create a club community.

When you create your club as a community on Playwaze, you will be asked to create a default venue for your club. This is the information, including name, description, location, and other details, that will be hosted on Let’s Move Lincolnshire, so please make sure the default venue you create represents your club and you select ‘Sports Club’ as the venue type.

It’s free to register your club as a community and to create your default venue on Playwaze. 

If you would like to take it a step further and publish your activities on the Let’s Move Lincolnshire activity finder as well as many other national finders such as Decathlon and Parasport, we have partnered with Playwaze allowing you to receive a 20% discount off their booking management system. When using the code LML20PW prices start from as little as £14.40 per month or £144.40 per annum.

You can also trial the system free of charge by advertising 1 activity (this can be a repeating activity weekly).

Want to add your activities, find out how below: