Getting Active With


When you're living with Long-Covid, getting active might seem out of reach.

However gentle exercise at your own pace can be beneficial for your recovery, and it is important to get back to previous levels of activity or be more active than you are right now.

Use our activity finder to search for activities near you.

Advice on physical activity for those living with Long Covid


Use our activity finder to discover activities across Lincolnshire that are lower intensity or easy to adapt so you can be active at a pace that suits. 

Adapt how you exercise so you can keep moving while you recover. 

Peer Support Groups

Shine Lincolnshire’s Peer support groups are face-to-face support groups for people living with the challenge of Long / post COVID.

Support Groups in Alford, Mablethorpe and Horncastle, Lincoln, Gainsborough, Grantham, Stamford, Spalding, Sutton St James

Moving Medicine

Moving Medicine has useful guides for recovery from Long Covid, including a bed exercise programme, standing exercise programme and active recovery workbook to help with the planning and management of your own return to health

NHS Your Covid Recovery

Your Covid Recovery states after a period of illness and inactvity muscles will be weaker than normal, and you will be less fit than you were. It’s important to to take things slowly and be mindful you will experience fatigure. Visit the webpage to find more useful advice and support

Guidance for Physical Activity Providers

Active Lincolnshire have developed a guidance course in partnership with NHS and other partners on Long-Covid to increase awareness for activity providers on how to provide a supportive environment for people to be active whilst managing their illness. Share with your club, coach, instructor or leisure centre about how they can access the guidance.