Nordic Walking

Try Something New! Nordic Walking in Lincolnshire

Nordic Walking uses specially designed poles which help to engage the upper and lower body whilst walking. The Nordic Walking technique is low impact so is kinder to the joints but at the same time, it activates the muscles of the upper body too, giving a more complete workout every time.

This activity also strengthens your core muscles and improves your posture. Just like normal walking, you will enjoy the benefits to wellbeing of spending time outdoors, but with the further potential for increasing your fitness and strength.

You can enjoy Nordic Walking on your own if you purchase your own poles. However, the best way to get started and learn the proper technique, to avoid injury and gain maximum benefits, is to join a local class and learn from an instructor. Most instructors will allow you to borrow poles for the class. Joining a class also makes it a much more sociable activity.

An hour long session may seem like just a normal walk but the reality is that participants can burn up to 40% more Calories just by using the poles properly.

Martin Thomas, Nordic Walking Instructor, Mandarin Fitness

See it in Action

Take a look at this video from local instructor Martin Thomas, in which participants describe the benefits they enjoy from Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking in Lincolnshire

Mandarin Fitness runs Nordic Walking sessions in Lincoln and around Lincolnshire. Search for sessions and other Nordic Walking sessions near you on the Let’s Move Lincolnshire Activity Finder, or follow the links below for more details.

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