Getting Active

At Home

There are lots of ways to keep active from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need any particular special equipment or clothing either. It might mean finding ways to fit more movement into your day, or you might want to try an at home workout.

From front room disco dancing to workouts using kitchen cupboard materials, many of us got into the habit of moving more at home, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Getting Started

If you’ve got a busy schedule fitting exercise into your day can seem tricky – the good thing about keeping active at home is you can do it any time that it suits you. You don’t need to dedicate a large amount of time either. Short busts of activity throughout the day all add up.

On demand home workout videos can be a great place to start (see below for our selection). Virtual fitness classes (where you follow a live class online) are also becoming more popular – you can find a selection by searching for ‘online activities’ on our activity finder.

Everyday Active

Did you know everyday tasks such as housework and gardening can count towards getting your recommended amount of physical activity each week?

Just make sure that you do them at an intensity level that makes you feel warmer to make sure you’re getting the most benefit. Follow the link below to find out more about how active you should be.

On Demand Videos and Fitness Programmes

Make Your Move

Workout for just 5 minutes a day with We Are Undefeatable’s series of free Make Your Move videos – designed to help those living with a health condition get active at home.

Couch to Fitness

Our Parks have their own Couch to Fitness Series, a nine week programme, suitable for beginners, that will get you moving from the comfort of your home.

NHS Home Workouts

Easy to follow ten minute home workouts. These videos cover, cardio, strengthening, stretching and much more.

Yoga with Adriene

A selection of yoga workouts to follow along with at home, including those suitable for beginners or young people


Free workouts from celebrity trainers and fitness experts covering disciplines including boxing, dancing, pilates and HIIT.

For Older Adults

NHS Seated exercises

Gentle sitting exercises that can be done at home and will help improve your mobility and prevent falls.

NHS Balance exercises

A series of simple balance exercises that can be done at home to help improve your health and mobility.

NHS Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility exercises that can be done at home to help improve your health and mobility.

10 Today Videos

 A set of fun 10-minute, audio and video routines intended to easily fit into your day to help you get stretching and moving at home. It has been designed by and for older people to keep you physically active, boost your wellbeing, and help maintain your mobility and balance.

Move it or Lose it

A series of fitness videos for older people by exercise instructor Julie Robinson.
Julie founded the initiative in 2010 because of her passion to motivate older people to stay active throughout their lives.

For those with disabilities or a long-term health condition

Parasport Home Workouts

A selection of home workout routines specially designed for disabled people.

You can also search online live workouts suitable for disabled people.

Get Yourself Active

Active @ Home section of the Disability Rights UK’s Get Yourself Active site has a range of videos and written resources to support disabled people and people with long-term health conditions to get active at home.


Online workout videos for disabled people of all ages. Wheelpower also deliver live exercise classes on zoom each week.

British Blind Sport

Audio workouts, both live and on demand, for people with visual impairments – including audio transcripts.

Find more links to resources for those with a health condition or disability in our Move More section.
You can find activities for children to do at home on our Active Families page.