Walking Football

Try Something New! Walking Football in Lincolnshire.

Walking Football is a relatively new format of football that encourages older adults to play again, on a regular basis. The game has all of the same rules as standard football, except players are not permitted to run or jog.

You can ‘walk’ as fast or as slow as you like, as long as one foot is in contact with the ground at all times! And, although tackling is allowed in walking football, it is non-contact. As a result, the game relies less on physical attributes such as speed, power and stamina – and more on accurate passing, good positional play and strong tactical knowledge.

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Where to Play Walking Football in Lincolnshire

Discover where you can play Walking Football in Lincolnshire. Use the Let’s Move Lincolnshire Activity Finder to find a group, club or session near you!

Health Benefits of Walking Football

Benefits to your physical health

As we age, many of us may struggle with our balance, strength, stamina and potentially weight too. This, in turn, may impact our confidence and self-esteem.

However, in time, Walking Football improves your resting heart rate as well as hypertension, body strength, mobility and weight loss. It truly can change lives – and thanks to its slower pace and less contact, there’s a reduced risk of injury in the process.

There are numerous psychological and mental health benefits to Walking Football too – from building confidence, to helping you meet new people and avoid feelings of isolation.

Lincoln Christer, Lincoln Invictus Football Club

Benefits to your mental health

There are numerous psychological and mental health benefits to Walking Football too. From building confidence to meeting new people and avoiding feelings of isolation. Taking part boosts your personal reward and satisfaction, while also reducing stress.

Benefits to your social life

Walking Football also provides the possibility to get involved in something you really enjoy while meeting new people, creating long-term relationships with like-minded others and boosting quality of life.

Or, for those wishing to take a back seat, there are plenty of positions they can get involved in behind the scenes too, while still enjoying the community feel. Whether that’s organisational or administrative roles, there really is something for everyone.

What do I need to take part?

You don’t need any specialist equipment or clothing to play walking football. All you need is:

  • a comfortable and sturdy pair of shoes, like trainers,
  • loose clothing that you are able to move easily in,
  • a fleece or jumper for the cooler days and to keep you warm before and after playing,
  • and a water bottle to help keep you hydrated while you play.

The clubs and sports halls will provide the footballs, goal posts and bibs for use during the session. As this is predominantly an outdoor sport, make sure you check the weather and prepare to wear warmer or cooler clothing for your session.

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Image: Walking Football at Lincoln City Foundation