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Active Families

Being active is really important for children’s health and wellbeing. Parents can play an important role in encouraging their children to be active and healthy, including moving more together as a family.

Whether it’s a walk in the local park, a kick-about in the garden, or a bike ride to the local shop, moving more is good for everyone’s wellbeing, as well as being a wonderful way to enjoy time together as a family.

By being active together as a family you’re having a positive impact on everyone’s health and wellbeing, as well as providing your children with good habits for the future.

Take a look below for suggestions of activities to enjoy in Lincolnshire, as well as ideas of activities you can do at home.

Benefits of physical activity for children and young people include:

  • Better mental wellbeing and improved mood
  • Improves health and fitness
  • Improves behaviour and confidence
  • Improves attention levels and performance in school
  • Develops co-ordination
  • Maintains healthy weight
  • Active children are more likely to continue to have a healthy and active lifestyle as an adult.

How active should children be?

Young people aged 5 – 18 should do at least an hour of energetic activity every day. This can be made up in a variety of ways, from walking, cycling or scooting to school, active play, PE lessons and  sport and activities.

Younger children should be moving even more than this. Children aged 1 -3 should be active for 3 hours a day, and babies should be encouraged to be physically active several times a day.

Organised Sport and Activity Sessions

Sports and active hobbies are a great way for children to get moving. Taking part in sport and active hobbies, such as dance, can be good for children’s confidence and mental wellbeing as well as supporting their physical health. Find local activities on our activity finder.

Follow the link below to read important safeguarding advice for parents and carers when choosing a club or organised activity for your child.

Street Tag

Street Tag is a fun new way to stay active with your family and friends in Lincolnshire. The game turns your local area into an exciting adventure, encouraging you to get active and explore together. Simply download the free app to start playing.

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Active at Home - Families

We’ve gathered together some of our favourite online resources to help you get active as a family at home. From dancing to your favourite Disney tunes, to ball games in the garden there are lots of fun ideas for getting moving!