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East Lindsey

Find where to get more active near you! Whether you live along the Coast or closer to the Wolds, Lincolnshire’s East Lindsey district has a fantastic choice of activities, clubs, sports and exercise programmes to help you add more activity into your day.

Explore all the ways you can add a little more movement into your routine. Find new activities to try, a local group, walking routes, clubs and more.

Get Active in East Lindsey

Be inspired to join your local fitness groups and sports clubs and get active with like-minded people near you. 

Joining a local group is a great way to add more activity to your routine. Plus, you’ll be able to socialise and make new friends whilst becoming more active. 

Find out more about some of the different fitness and activity groups to help you get active in East Lindsey!

Try Something New


Find a new way to be active and try something a little different. Here is a selection of affordable activities that are sure to help you add more movement (and fun) into your weekly routine.

Keep fit and have fun while trying something new at one of Lincolnshire’s…

Walking, Jogging & Cycling in East Lindsey


Have you tried any of these walking or cycling routes near you? From coastal paths to countryside trails, explore where you can go to enjoy the great outdoors and get active in East Lindsey.

To support everyone in becoming more active everyday, we have a wealth of resources for those with a health condition or disability.

Getting Started

If you’ve got a busy schedule fitting exercise into your day can seem tricky – the good thing about keeping active at home is you can do it any time that it suits you. You don’t need to dedicate a large amount of time either. Short bursts of activity throughout the day all add up.

Everyday Active

Did you know everyday tasks such as housework and gardening can count towards getting your recommended amount of physical activity each week?

Just make sure that you do them at an intensity level that makes you feel warmer to make sure you’re getting the most benefit. Follow the link below to find out more about how active you should be.