Dance Free

Discover your inner freedom with Dance Free sessions in Lincolnshire – a space to let go and simply be. Move however you like feeling the rhythm of the music with silent disco headphones.

Each session is led by a Dance and Movement Meditation professional and take place in beautiful nature locations across Lincolnshire.

Whether you have never danced before in your life, love to bop around the kitchen to your favourite tunes, or are a professional dancer wanting to loosen up your moves, join an upcoming Dance Free session today.

Find an upcoming Dance Free session in Lincolnshire

From Anderby Creek and Theddlethorpe Beach to Skellingthorpe Woods, there are plenty of opportunities to join a Dance Free Session in Lincolnshire.

Each Dance Free session starts with a short facilitated warm-up to guide you to drop deep into your body and out of your mind. Then you are free to move however you feel without judgment!

Here’s what people say about Dance Free

“a totally uplifting experience”

“Dance free is such a lovely safe space connecting people with uplifting vibrations dancing outside in nature.  Releasing all stress, tension and freeing blocked energy while connecting to the music through headphones and connecting to the body and moving it in a free style way,  being fully present in the moment.”

Find out more about how dance is good for your body and mind with Dr Michael Mosley

In this short 14-minute podcast, Michael puts on his dancing shoes & shines some light on the many benefits of dancing, revealing that dancing is better than traditional fitness exercises for improving your muscles, balance and even the size of your brain.

He speaks to a professional ballet dancer-turned-neuroscientist to find out how dancing can improve our balance and coordination, while volunteer Lorne has a go at adding some disco dancing to her everyday routine.

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