Try Something New! Archery in Lincolnshire

Discover a love for archery as your new physical activity and join a club or book a session. Archery is a very inclusive sport that can be suitable for all ages and abilities, including those with a disability.

At Ancaster Leisure Enterprises, Lincolnshire’s outdoor activity centre, you can book a taster session to learn the basics and techniques.

Explore more and book a session at Ancaster Leisure.

Find an Archery Club in Lincolnshire

Take a look below to find your local Archery club. Many offer beginner’s courses or taster sessions for those new to the activity.

Archery in Lincolnshire. Woman holding a bow and arrow at Ancaster Leisure Archery Club.

On Point Archery

On Point Archery is a Mobile Archery range that brings archery to events and spaces near you. Check out their website or the Let’s Move Lincolnshire events space to discover where they will be popping up next!

Getting Started with Archery

Archery is a great physical activity. Drawing a bow takes energy and tones and strengthens the muscles in your arms and back. You’ll also get your steps in faster than you think, walking to the shooting line and then to the target to collect your arrows.

It also builds focus and concentration. You will learn to remove distractions from your mind, including gusts of wind, background noise and any worries you may be carrying to focus on hitting your target.

Discover more about the benefits of archery on the Archery GB website, or check out the Start Archery website to find out more about the different types of archery you can do.