Spilsby Indoor Bowling Club

Spilsby Indoor Bowling Club is a short mat bowling club founded around 30 years ago and based at Franklin Hall, Halton Road, Spilsby.

As the name implies, short mat bowls is played on a long narrow mat along which players attempt to score points by rolling a bowl from one end to the other trying to land it as close to the jack (a small target ball placed on the mat) as possible. That is a very simplistic explanation of the game but gives a very high level overview of the game for anyone who hasn’t played before.

Each of our bowling sessions last 2 hours with a 15-minute break where hot drinks and chocolate biscuits are provided, or if we are really lucky and it’s someone’s birthday there may even be cake!

We run two sessions a week, one on Tuesday afternoon and the other Sunday evening all year round.

“Even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time, the sessions keep me active. I don’t think you realise how much walking, all be it broken into small stints, you do until you actually play”


Who can play short mat bowls?

“Bowls truly is the sport for all, regardless of age, gender or physical ability”

Short mat bowling is a leisurely and gentle form of exercise with a level for everyone.  Our sessions are open to all ages and abilities from the local community and beginners will be warmly welcomed.

What’s great about Short Mat Bowls?

Short mat bowls is great for both mental and physical health. It can improve the strength of the muscles in your arms, shoulders and legs. Each session incorporates a surprising amount of steps up and down the room. It is also mentally stimulating as each end will throw up its own challenges and problems. These can leave you pondering strategy or just simply hoping for some good old fashioned luck. That said, members enjoy the sessions as much for the social aspects as they do the game itself and many lifelong friendships have been founded here.

How can I get involved?

New players and experienced players alike are welcome to come along. You don’t have to bring anything. At Spilsby Indoor Bowling Club we own our own equipment and have a range of bowls available for you to use. However you can bring your own bowls if you prefer. All we ask is you bring some form of indoor footwear to use when playing.

“Everyone was so welcoming from the first time I stepped through the door, finding me some equipment to use, showing me the ropes and helping me understand the game as I didn’t know the rules at all. The group are a really friendly bunch and I am so pleased I decided to go along to that first session”

Where can I find out more?


07779 574427


Credit: This information was provided by Spilsby Bowls Club in support of Let’s Move Lincolnshire