Jelly Belly Fitness

I love to dance, I love to sing and I love music. I also love to have fun. Getting fitter shouldn’t be a chore. So by combining all of my passions (apart from football, but I wouldn’t rule out some footie anthems popping up occasionally), at Jelly Belly Fitness I run fun dance-based fitness sessions aimed at older adults and, separately, fun singing sessions.

The emphasis in my classes is on movement. I provide the tunes, demonstrate simple dance moves and it’s up to you if you follow me, or do your own thing. Having two left feet or being unco-ordinated is not a problem. Trust me, I do so many unplanned variations of my own choreography that it’s a good job some of my class members know what I should be doing! I’m told that part of the fun of my classes is never knowing what I’m going to get up to next!

Whether you’re doing a standing class or a chair based one, you work to your own ability. Everyone is able to participate even if it’s just tapping along in time to the music. Of course, I encourage singing and laughter during class too. I want you to go home feeling energised and as if you’ve had a great time (which you will have!)

Who are your classes for?

Anyone can join in, from beginners onward. All of my venues have disabled access and being in a wheelchair or using a walking stick or just being generally unfit / overweight is no barrier to joining in.

Most participants are aged 60+. I’m 62 with creaky joints thanks to arthritis, so I understand the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis and ageing. If you’re feeling a bit nervous about coming (perfectly understandable), I’ll partner you with a buddy. Your buddy will ‘adopt’ you for the first few sessions.

Why join in?

Participants tell me that they love my energy and passion. But most of all, they love all the wackiness and ‘off the cuff’ moments that happen in class. Many have told me they don’t even realise that they’re exercising and how good they feel after class. Socialising is important too, so I bring tea/coffee and biscuits to class so we can put the world to rights over a cuppa. There have been many new friendships formed over a cuppa.

My classes won’t help if you need to shift calories fast but if you want to be fit for the life you lead, then I can help with that. We work on moving the whole body (in a seated class too). After a few weeks, your joints should move more easily. You may be able to walk a little further or reach down to pick up something for example.

Personally, I’ve found that my pain has eased, my heart and lung health has also improved. Cognitive and mental functions will improve (I regularly challenge the old grey matter) and your zest for lift and energy levels will rise.

Getting Started

You don’t need any equipment. Come along in comfy clothing and shoes – not too tight, you need to be able to move freely. Trousers/shorts/leggings are best but if you’re more comfortable in a dress, then that’s OK. Bring along a bottle of water as we need to keep hydrated. While we don’t move that fast, but if you’re like me, you warm up very quickly.

I work in community spaces (Meridale Youth and Community Centre: Trusthorpe Village Hall: The Enterprise Centre, Sutton on Sea and Huttoft Village Hall) . They all have free car parking, disabled access, toilets and kitchens. No need to book. If you’re coming for the first time, just pop along a few minutes before class for a welcome chat or give me a ring . My phone number is 07868 219 608. You can also find me on Facebook – Jelly Belly Fitness or email me at

Hope to see you soon, Kay

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Credit: This information was provided by Jelly Belly Fitness in support of Let’s Move Lincolnshire