Evolve Studios Skegness

Evolve Studios is Skegness’ only dedicated group fitness venue – Offering high quality, results-based classes. 

At Evolve we create empowering fitness experiences that not only evolve your health and fitness, but also provide enriching escapism within our immersive studios that transform with light and sound, bringing an energy that allows you to let go and thrive.

Evolve Studios are proud to have secured partnership and licensing with global brands, including the industry leaders LES MILLS; and our specialist trainers are regularly upskilling to ensure high standards.

Our class lineup spans all areas of fitness, and we categorise our sessions into Cardio, Toning, Strength and Wellness. Find out about the benefits of each training style and the classes offered, so you can select your session with confidence it will bring the results you want. 

Of course, fitness classes are extremely fun – but all that effort deserves rewards which is why each class is science backed and programmed with progressions to not only bring results , but also keep each session fresh and challenging for you.

Our most Popular Classes:

Pound® Fit – The alternative workout that brings out your inner rockstar. Using Ripstix® (lightly weighted drumsticks engineered especially for exercising) you will sweat, sculpt, and release stress in an adrenaline filled workout that leaves you ready to take on the world 

LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT™ – An energy packed mix of martial arts moves that will get you fit, fast and strong – leaving you feeling fierce and empowered. Featuring moved from karate, taekwando, boxing, mauy thai,  capoeira and Kung fu – but don’t fret, you don’t need experience!

FLYE Bungee

An exciting alternative to traditional workouts, combining the thrill of aerial fitness with a high-intensity yet low impact workout. Get your heart pumping and muscles working, using your core strength to perform full body aerobic movements and of course, FLYE!


The most popular fitness class world wide! A total body strength workout that will shape and tone all major muscle groups, increase core strength, improve bone health and leave you feeling strong and fit.

Ride or Die

A mixture of high intensity interval and v02 training. Cycling to your maximum capacity with periods of rest in between. This session is the ultimate HIIT spin session, where you can also take advantage of our HR system – projecting your heart rate onto our studio screen so your trainer can better coach you for maximal results.


The world famous cardio dance party, bringing out the rhythm you never knew you had and allowing you to finally unleash your inner confidence. Dance the night away and have so much fun that you don’t realise you’re sweating. 

Who can join in? 

Anyone can book a class, as we have no such thing as memberships! Simply pay per class to come and give something new a try, and attend as often or casually as you like without commitments. 

If you do attend frequently, you can choose a class package to get a discount for frequent attendance. All classes are open to all abilities, age 16+.

If you’re new, head to class ten minutes early. Our dedicated and experienced instructors will check in with any questions you have, make sure your comfortable, and let you know what to expect before we begin.

There’s various options for every movement no matter the class. We can tailor each session to you, giving you the options that work better for your body, ability and preferences. 

Why do people love it!

Evolve Studios Skegness provide immersive fitness experiences – A chance to zone out from life and zone into yourself. 

We’ve created an empowering and encouraging setting that allows you to unleash the energy, power and confidence you’ve had inside all along.

Every class is progressively planned to ensure results. You will truly see and feel the difference with our sessions that span all fitness goals.

“As a 49-year-old not so fit person I am made to feel so welcome and my fitness has certainly improved but more important my head feels better. Gerry is a hands on instructor, who does the whole class with you, the energy is insane!”

“Once I attended one class I wanted to attend them all and I genuinely look forward to it every week. Gerry is encouraging and makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable”

“I love coming to class everyone is so welcoming and the music is so good look forward to classes each week. Gerry is super helpful and happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction” 

What do I need to bring along?

All the equipment for each class is provided for you, and your instructor will have the room set up ready for you on arrival so you can settle in and chose your favourite spot.

Bring along some water and a sweat towel, and wear comfy clothes for movement. 

We have space for changing and water refill if you need too.

Where can I find out more?

All classes are listed on the Evolve Studios website. Some class listings will link directly to the page of the specific trainer who takes that session.

Facebook: Evolve Studios Skegness

Credit: This information was provided by Evolve Studios in support of Let’s Move Lincolnshire.