Canicross Lincolnshire

Canicross Lincolnshire is a social running group. We meet up from autumn through to spring with our dogs at various places across Lincolnshire to go for a jog with our four legged friends. We can’t make any promises but there is occasionally cake at the end for a jog well done!

Canicross at it’s simplest is cross country running with your dog. We run off road on lots of different trails, meeting up at a woods, parks, or finding routes on public footpaths. Having originally come from a form of sled dog racing, the idea is that you get some help from your dog to run a little faster as they help pull you along too – although not all our dogs got this memo!

Canicross Lincolnshire is great fun, lovely people, lovely dogs lots of mud and water, what more could you want?


Who can come along?

Anyone. The group is open to people and dogs of all abilities, ages, fitness levels and speeds. We have a no runner left behind attitude so even if you’re more tortoise than hare, there will be someone to run or even run/walk with you.

Sometimes we all run as one big group and take breaks for everyone to regroup. Other times we split into a few smaller groups with someone leading each at a different pace.

Canicross Lincolnshire runs are open to anyone and are free to join. There’s no membership or session fee, just turn up at the right place and the right time.

Kids can join in as well, we just ask that they are either strong enough to control the dog they’re running, or that an adult runs with them also attached to the dog.

Why do people love Canicross?

Canicross is great for getting outside and enjoying the countryside and some fresh air. Running with a dog can be distracting, in a good way, so you have something else to focus on. And what could be better than exercising with man’s (or woman’s) best friend.

Dogs never have a care in the world. Being around them while you jog is great for mental health as well as your fitness.

I do Canicross as it’s increased the bond I have with my dog and we both love to run , the social runs with Canicross Lincolnshire are great for Albus to socialise with the other dogs due to him being slightly shy and nervous, I like the friendly banter and it’s good to run with like minded people .


What do I need to get started?

A dog (or two)
You’ll need a dog, but just like with the human runners, any shape or size dog is welcome. We’ve had tiny terriers join in all the way through to large mountain dog breeds. You can run a couple of dogs together but we’d suggest no more than two at a time or you might find yourself going faster than you might like!

Shoes (and clothes to run in)
We do run off road and the trails do vary. A good pair of off road running trainers is recommended. If it’s been dry, a normal pair of trainers you’re comfortable running is perfectly fine to give it a go. You don’t need any special clothing, just wear something you’re happy going for a jog in.

Harness and belt
When canicrossing your dog wears a harness (designed for the sport), you wear a special running belt and you’re connected with an elasticated bungee lead. The dog harness keeps them safe as they pull. The belt and bungee lead help keep your hands free while you run with them so you can run normally and balance as you go off road. Wehave harnesses, belts and leads that can be borrowed (for free) at most of our runs.

    It’s more motivating than running on my own. Plus there’s support for everything from someone in the group: technique, kit, dog health, me! We have a laugh too, it’s fun. I think it does my dogs the world of good too, mixing with other dogs and people. They get excited when they realise where we are going.

    three women running with border collies running the Longhorn 10K fun run.

    The social aspect for both me and the dogs, they like to see their friends as well! I like running in a group as I feel safer and it gives me the motivation to keep going. It’s so much easier for me to walk when on my own. My collies like to chase so running in a group motivates them to pull more as well. It’s just fun to be with like minded people. There’s no pressure to be fast, as it’s not about that. Robin loves the mud and puddles, Wren does not 🤣

    Angie (Pictured above on the right with her two collies; Wren (L) & Robin (R))

    Where can I find out more?

    Facebook Group: Canicross Lincolnshire (you’re welcome to join and ask questions)
    Instagram: @CanicrossLincolnshire

    Credit: This information was provided by Canicross Lincolnshire in support of Let’s Move Lincolnshire.