Rushing Water Tai Chi & Kung Fu

I’m Ian and I’m an experienced leader (Sifu) of Tai Chi and run Rushing Water Tai Chi & Kung Fu. I offer Tai Chi sessions in and around Ingoldmells. I began learning Kung fu from the age of 11, back in the 1970s when Bruce Lee was big time and every one was Kung fu fighting. Later I began studying Tai Chi and Wing Chun kung fu, Yoga and meditation. I have gained Black Sash in Kung fu, and instructor level in Yang style and Chen style Tai Chi. Now I’ve been practicing kung Fu for 49 years and know first hand how it keeps me young, healthy and fit.

If your looking for away to take control of your health learn Tai Chi.

I enjoy teaching and helping people improve their health and fitness

I am also a passionate music and play many musical instruments Guitar, Piano, flutes, percussion and this year released my first album called the Journey of the Dragon

At Rushing Water we run weekly Tai Chi sessions at the Royal Arthur Centre for people of all abilities, as well as offering private classes and sessions in care homes & hospitals.

What is Tai Chi?

Ian introduces us to the ancient art of Tai Chi:

Tai chi is an ancient health and wellbeing system. The slow movements of Tai chi will bring balance and harmony into your life calming the mind, removing stress and anxiety. You will gain energy to enjoy freedom of movement and relieve aches that you have had for years such as backache, bad knees arthritis and high blood pressure. The slow movements can be done seated for people with disabilities.

“Classes are brilliant. What is great is that Ian explains everything, what each move can do for your body. I very much enjoy going each week”

Who can do Tai Chi? 

Tai chi can be practiced by most people. it can be tailored to the individual so it is good for anyone wanting to improve their health. The slow movements can be done seated for people with disabilities.

Why Tai Chi?

People young and old practice because the benefits are countless, including a positive effect on muscle strength, flexibility and balance.  Tai Chi is fun and makes you feel good. It can also be practiced as a martial arts system. 

“I have benefited greatly since taking up Tai Chi. The classes are enjoyable and also relaxing.”

What do I need to start?

For Tai Chi and Kung Fu you don’t need any equipment at all. Tai Chi isn’t a high intensity sport; no special performance clothing is required, simply wear loose, comfortable clothes and flat shoes (or go bare foot). Pick clothing you can move freely in.

You don’t need any prior experience. Sessions are suitable for anyone of any ability to join in.

Get in touch with Ian

Call Ian on 07517 873 360

Credit: This information was provided by Ian at Rushing Water Tai Chi at in support of Let’s Move Lincolnshire.