Movement To Music

Hi my name is Janna and I am the face at the front of every Movement To Music class. I offer two different classes, Movement To Music and Beginners Line Dancing in various locations across the week.

In Movement to Music we work through a series of low impact dance routines to an array of music aiding mobility, co-ordination, overall health, fitness and wellbeing. In these classes our motto is “if you’re moving, you’re doing it right”. We are a fun, friendly and welcoming group who enjoy laughter as well as movement.

In the Beginners Line Dancing classes we follow short simple routines to music that repeat over and over giving us time to learn and practice the moves. It’s a fun way to include exercise into the day and people are often surprised at how many steps a class contains. No experience is necessary as we walk every move through slowly together as a class every session so beginners can join in right away.

Want to try something new? These classes could be for you!

three colourful photos of Movement to Music dance class in village hall with group of women cheering and dancing

Who can join us?

Everybody is welcome to join our classes. We are cheerful, welcoming and friendly at all venues and are always open to having new people join us.

Why should I come along?

There are many benefits to joining a class but a key one is that it gets us moving and that is good for all areas of health. We challenge not only our bodies but our brains with new moves, dance steps and routines.

“Brilliant class , lots of fun. Good music & great company.”

When you see people in the class they always look happy and between the tracks there is a wonderful comradery between the class members that is a massive part of why people attend. After each Movement To Music class we make time for a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit or two so that people get a chance to chat about whatever they want to or just refuel after class before joining the next session or going off to enjoy the rest of their day.

three photos of Movement to Music dance class in village hall with group of women cheering and dancing

What do I need to bring?

You don’t need anything to come along to a class, although a full water bottle is recommended. If you have boots you fancy wearing for line dancing please do bring those along.

Where can I find out more?
07825 638 179
Facebook: Movement To Music

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Credit: This information was provided by Janne from Movement To Music in support of Let’s Move Lincolnshire.