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Hello, my name is Millie Briggs. I am a certified Yoga Teacher, registered with “The Yoga Alliance Professionals” and founder of “Apricity Yoga” (based in Lincolnshire). I specialise in Private Yoga Sessions, Local Group Classes, Yoga events, Staff Wellness Schemes and Yoga Retreats at beautiful venues across Lincolnshire. I’ve over 9 years of Yoga experience and have been featured on BBC Radio Lincolnshire and ITVX sharing my passion for Yoga. 

What is yoga?

Yoga is a practice that combines physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to promote overall well-being. The discipline originated in ancient India and has been practiced for thousands of years. What sets Yoga apart from similar activities is its holistic approach. While some exercises focus solely on physical fitness, Yoga goes beyond that. Yoga emphasises the connection between the mind body and breath helping to create balance and harmony within ourselves. Yoga offers a wide range of benefits including increased flexibility, improved strength, reducing stress and enhancing mental clarity.  

group of women on yoga mats doing a childs pose, kneeling on a mat with heads down and arms stretched forwards across the floor.

Who should do yoga?

Yoga is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels and can be adapted to meet individual needs and goals. It’s a versatile practice that can be adapted to suit different ages fitness levels and body types. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, yoga comes with a welcoming community. I hold specific classes to suit specific people, for example: I teach armchair yoga for a local care home, prenatal yoga for pregnant ladies and menopause yoga for perimenopause and menopausal women. The groups in particular benefit from the relaxation with breathwork, improved muscle strength and flexibility and joint mobility that yoga has to offer. 

What do people get from yoga?

Students of mine love yoga for a variety of reasons. I love hearing success stories of clients who have found the benefits of yoga creep into their day to day lives. I have had clients reach out to tell me that their yoga practice has led to them no longer needing to take painkillers as the holistic approach has helped them with their physical wellbeing. Clients have told me that their mood has improved and are feeling less anxious in their day to day lives. They enjoy better sleep, even noticing an increase in their lung capacity and their ability to breathe fully.

“Before coming to the class I have been feeling very sore for several days, after last night’s session, not only was I pain-free when I left the building, but I remain so even now. I can’t tell you how wonderful this is for me; I haven’t taken pain relief at all today for the first time in 20 years”. 

With taking care of the body and investing an hour a week into themselves they feel a heightened sense of self appreciation which links to an overall boost in mood. A client of mine has been a brick layer for all of his life. He struggled with his shoulder strength in particular and the damage that his manual job and steel toecap boots have had on his body over time. It’s great to see, after some months of 1 to 2 sessions a week, that he is gaining his mobility back. His posture has improved enormously, and he feels as though he can move like he used to do years ago! Seeing somebody come back into their own bodies again is one of the best parts of being a yoga teacher. 

two people doing yoga at sunset on a pier with the sea in the background

What do I need to have a go?

You don’t need much equipment to get started. All you really need is a yoga mat to provide cushioning and grip during your practice. We provide mats for beginners along with blocks and straps which act as an aid in your deeper stretches. A lot of my clients enjoy bringing pillows and blankets for their savasana (meditation) at the end. 

Where can I find out more?

Facebook @ApricityYoga 
Instagram @Apricity.yoga

Credit: This information was provided by Apricity Yoga in support of Let’s Move Lincolnshire.