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Love to Ride – Winter Wheelers

Winter Wheelers is a cold-busting campaign designed to make bike riding a year-round activity! Throughout December, Love to Ride are challenging you to wrap up and roll out to win some great prizes.

Whether you’re already a regular bike rider, or just getting started, everyone is welcome to take part. You can ride, anywhere andy time up until Christmas day.

Why Take part? Riding a bike helps us:

💰 Save money on overall transportation costs

💪 Improve our physical and mental wellbeing

⚡️ Supercharge our immune system

🌳 Reduce our CO2 emissions

😃 Add endless smiles to our miles

To help get more riders conquering the cold, Love to Ride are holding a prize draw every day and all you have to do to enter is ride your bike. And that’s not all: if you encourage someone else to ride you will automatically enter our special encourager prize draw.