Terry was referred to One You Lincolnshire in by his GP in Sleaford after hearing about their service. He was so interested about this opportunity that he asked his GP to refer him in to One You Lincolnshire’s 1 to 1 Physical Activity sessions.

Terry suffers from heart disease and Arthritis which has prevented him from knowing what activity that he can do, in recent years. One of Terry’s main goals was to be shown some exercises to help improve his Cardiovascular Fitness and strengthen his legs. In the second session he was prescribed a bespoke exercise programme that included a mixture of body weight and light dumbbell exercises.

Terry was also encouraged to monitor his physical activity levels by using the Active 10 app on his smartphone. After four sessions Terry had increased his physical activity levels from 30 minutes per week up to 150 minutes per week!

This increase in activity has mainly been due to performing his daily home exercise programme, as well as doing walking and gardening. In addition to increasing his physical activity levels, Terry has also reported that his legs feel stronger and has found it easier to perform daily activities like picking things up off the floor and putting his socks on. Terry has also mentioned that mentally his mood feels better, and he feels really satisfied with his efforts that he is putting in to his exercise sessions.

One You Lincolnshire are looking to connect Terry with his local health walk group in Sleaford, to help continue his exercise regime, following completion of these 1 to 1 sessions.

If you feel you would benefit from support from One You Lincolnshire with increasing your activity levels visit their website to find out more about what they offer.