In 1990 Mark suffered a terrible accident when he was struck by a car that was travelling 70mph. Miraculously he survived, but he was left with life-changing injuries which required 30 major operations, 5 of which were lifesaving emergency surgeries. To this day, he still requires daily physiotherapy for his shoulder and legs. His injuries also left him with partially paralyzed limbs which means he needs to use a wheelchair for much of his day-to-day activities. This obviously had a huge impact on his mental health and his ability to exercise in the way he once did.  

However, Mark refused to let this stand in his way, and he began attending Senior’s Club sessions at One NK, North Hykeham.  He generally attends all three sessions weekly and is a keen badminton player, and a very good one at that! So, he enjoys being able to come to these sessions and play the sport he loves.  

Mark said:

‘’The sessions have improved my mental health drastically. Being part of an able-bodied group and taking part in sport means everything to me. It does take a lot to go and be the only disabled person, but our group is so fantastic and full of amazing friendly people. I would recommend to anyone with a disability who loves sport to come and take part.’’  

Find out more about the Seniors sessions at One NK, and other fitness activities available on their website