Lilian joined as a member of Jubilee Park Fitness in January 2024, with the aim of returning to fitness following a Hip Operation. She began participating in a Chair Based Exercise Class, a class which improves Strength, Flexibility and Fitness, all whilst sitting in a chair, and is suitable for all.

“After moving into Woodhall Spa, and becoming a member of the lovely Jubilee Park, I really wanted to get back to fitness after a total hip replacement that I had in 2023. Jubilee Park provided me with a wealth of opportunities to achieve my goals from the Gym to various classes and the swimming pool.”

All of the activities have given me a new lease of life and friendships. Its up to you, as you are never questioned on ability, just encouraged to meet your own goals.

Lilian soon felt confident enough to participate in more and more classes at Jubilee Park, including Functional Strength, Kettlebells and Circuit Training. 6 months after starting, Lilian is now pushing herself to achieve all of her fitness goals, and has really embraced being part of a community at Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park Fitness Advisor Louise commented:

“Lilian has shown tremendous commitment to her goals. She always chooses the more advanced moves and is strong and focused. She is a joy to teach, and it has been wonderful to witness her fitness journey”

Find out more fitness classes and opportunities to get active at Jubilee Park on their website. or search for ‘chair based exercise’ classes on the Activity Finder if you’re looking for low impact exercise.

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