Becky from Lincoln works in a busy Car Servicing department.

Ever since moving to Lincoln, she has used a tricycle to get to and from to work, and for other short journeys.

“As I don’t drive and I am unable to ride a normal 2-wheel bike, my tricycle has been a life saver for me. I ride my trike everywhere, utilising the basket on the back to carry my work-gear, shopping, and my youngest son. I choose to travel by trike in order to have more money to go on holiday with.

I started using my tricycle as a means to get around and I wouldn’t be without it now, my advice to anyone thinking about taking up cycling daily is go for it! Not only is it cost effective it is also great for the soul!

It is a great way for me to keep fit and clear my head as I trike my way to places, and the money I save on travel and car expenses goes towards holidays and other luxuries with my children. I also get to and from work so much quicker as I don’t have to sit in traffic or wait endless amounts of time for public transport which is a bonus.

Cycling has so many health benefits and even if you are like me and can’t use a 2-wheel bike there is always a way to still feel the freedom of biking and participate in helping the environment – whether its power assisted or on 3-wheels.

There are so many people out there who can offer advice and help you on your cycling journey if needed, so just go for it!”