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Dimension Skatepark Bourne: The Power of Positivity

Flying the flag for a cause that sits beyond your own needs, acting as a mouthpiece to speak up on behalf of those without a public voice, and turning those thoughts and needs into real action. These are all qualities that Jonathan Budd has by the bucketload.  

Chairperson of the Dimension Skatepark Charity Commission in Bourne, Jonathan has been working with a dedicated team of volunteers for a period that spans 12 years and more than 200 committee meetings, to bring the dreams of children living in and around the South Kesteven town to life. 

Promoting all of the benefits that go hand-in-hand with the arrival of a multi-purpose, safe, skatepark, Jonathan and the committee have seen Dimension Skatepark evolve from a seed of an idea to a living breathing facility – a destination where BMXers, skateboarders, cyclists, roller-skaters and those who love to scoot can come together. 


Jonathan may have been involved in the Skatepark project for the last decade, but work began on answering the call of local children back in 2016. A call that Jonathan in fact, had his own vested interest in joining.

“The original idea was for Dimension Skatepark to be used by our children. Now it’s for our grandchildren,” smiled Jonathan. “It’s been a project that people have been trying to get off the ground for decades. It is something that has always been in demand, with several generations saying it was something they wanted to see in the town. Various groups, even the police, everyone was keen to help.

“But the park came from what the children wanted and – rightly so – they have had a lot to do with the skatepark coming to fruition, from helping with the fundraising and planning to input into the design.”

Since the ribbon to Dimension Skatepark was officially cut in May this year (2023), an occasion that was marked by a family fun day later in the summer and will return annually, record numbers of people have been enjoying the space. Something that has struck a chord with Jonathan. With those right on the doorstep as well as further afield travelling to make use of Dimension Skatepark, it seems encouragement or willingness was never the issue, but rather the lack of facilities. 


Leaving behind technology and screens, the enthusiasm that has shone through since the park opened in May has been infectious. So much so that the children visiting regularly, are no longer just using the facility as a playground. 

“Now it’s built, the children are so keen to look after it and take ownership of the park – after all, it’s something they have helped create,” added Jonathan. “Of course, we hoped that would happen; we have sown the seeds, and now we can see that they are nurturing them. They have set up social media channels and groups; the bigger kids take time to teach those younger than them; the community and level of support the park has created is astonishing.

“Historically, there haven’t been many free sporting activities for families in the area, so from the outset we wanted everyone to be able to access the skatepark; that was always our goal. We see all ages, with all types of machines, and all levels of accessibility and ability using Dimension Skatepark.”


Open every day of the year weather permitting, the park has arguably become the most well-used sports facility in Bourne. The new heart of the Bourne community, making activity accessible, daily, for young people who might not otherwise take part in any physical activity, thanks to Jonathan and the efforts of his fellow committee members and volunteers, young people are now proactive in getting out and about to take part in physical activity and access a peer-to-peer support network. 

A source of pride, a lesson in ownership, and a provision that holds the promise of an active future – who knows, maybe one day a young person from Bourne will represent Great Britain in the Olympics!

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WHO: Dimension Skatepark, Bourne

WHERE: Abbey Lawns, Bourne, PE10 9LN


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