Short Mat Bowls

Short Mat Bowls is a fantastic game to play to keep you active while meeting new friends. Join your local centre in Lincolnshire today.

Played indoors on a carpet with smaller and lighter bowls (compared to the outdoor bowls), Short Mat Bowls is a game of skill rather than strength and can be played by any age or ability. The sport isn’t an overly demanding exercise on your body, however playing regularly can improve the strength of muscles in your arms, shoulders and legs.

It is also mentally stimulating as each end will present fun challenges which you need to solve to beat your opponent.

Where to Play Short Mat Bowls in Lincolnshire

Burgh le Marsh Village Hall

Join the Village Hall in Burgh le Marsh for a game of Short Mat Bowls. It is a great chance to learn a new sport, meet new friends and keep your body (and mind) active.

Coronation Hall, Woodhall Spa

Coronation Hall in Woodhall Spa hosts regular Carpet Bowls sessions throughout the week.

Glentham Indoor Bowls Club, Glentham Village Hall

The Glentham Indoor Bowls Club is a friendly group of people of mixed ages and abilities. They meet regularly in the Village Hall for a fun game.

Grantham & District Indoor Bowling Club, Grantham

All bowlers are welcome to join the Grantham and District Indoor Bowling Club, regardless of your age or ability. Are you trying bowls for the very first time? Contact the club directly and a member will be happy to help you get started!

Horncastle & District Indoor Bowls Club, Horncastle

The Horncastle and District Indoor Bowls Club has five rinks to enjoy, and have qualified coaches for newcomers and bowlers who wish to hone their skills. The club is open to members and visitors during the summer months for social bowling, or join in the competitive indoor season between September and April each year.

Meridian Leisure Centre

Louth’s Meridian Leisure Centre hosts weekly Table Tennis, Badminton, New-Age Kurling and Short Mat Bowls sessions. Suitable for over 45s, these sports hall activities are great for beginners and those who wish to learn a new activity while making new friends.

Sutton St. James Indoor Bowling Centre, Spalding

Sutton St. James Indoor Bowling Centre in Spalding is an established, friendly 4-rink bowls club for all ages and abilities, with a fantastic social element to the club.

Station Sports Centre

Perfect for beginners, Station Sports Centre in Mablethorpe have a series of sports sessions for the over 50s, including Table Tennis.

Moorland Community Centre

Indoor Carpet Bowls sessions run by Lincoln City Foundation are held at Moorland Community Centre. These affordable activity sessions are perfect for those who are new to being active or would like to make new friends while keeping your body moving and mind sharp.

What do I need to take part?

You don’t need any specialist equipment or clothing to play Short-Mat Bowls. All you need is:

  • a comfortable and sturdy pair of shoes, like trainers,
  • loose clothing that you are able to move easily in,
  • and a water bottle to help keep you hydrated while you exercise.

The clubs and groups will provide the bowls and mats, plus the instructors to guide you through the session. And as this is an indoor sport, you won’t need to worry about wet weather or warmer clothing.

Positively Impact Your Mental Health:

Even short bursts of regular exercise have proven benefits to your physical and mental health, making this indoor sport a fantastic way to boost your well-being.