Discover where to play badminton in Lincolnshire and join your local group for a regular game to keep you active!

Badminton is a racket sport played by hitting a shuttlecock across a net to your appointment. It can be played against one other, or in doubles (much like Tennis). It is a fun, active sport which strengthens your muscles, improves hand-eye coordination, and increases your stamina.

Where to Play Badminton in Lincolnshire

Use the Let’s Move Lincolnshire Activity Finder to discover all of the sports halls, fitness centres and gyms where you can play Badminton near you in Lincolnshire. We’ve detailed a few sessions below.

Meridian Leisure Centre, Louth

Meridian Leisure Centre in Louth host specialised sessions for people over 45 years, with a variety of activities to take part in, including badminton, table tennis, new-age kurling and short mat bowls.

Station Sports Centre, Mablethorpe

To help you stay active, Station Sports Centre in Mablethorpe also has “Adults over 50” sessions, including badminton. These sessions are perfect for beginners and those who prefer low-impact activities.

Grantham Meres Leisure Centre

Join the “No Strings Badminton” sessions held at Grantham Meres Leisure Centre for a fun and social introduction to the sport.

West Lindsey Leisure Centre, Gainsborough

Join free family badminton sessions at West Lindsey Leisure Centre in Gainsborough. Increase your physical activity whilst also having fun with your family.

Why Try Badminton?

From mental agility to social interaction, badminton offers a wide range of benefits that can improve your overall health and well-being. While you’re lunging, diving, running and getting your heart pumping, playing a game of badminton can help you burn around 450 calories an hour. But the game doesn’t have to be fast-paced; hit gently, the shuttlecock won’t fly as fast as a tennis ball.

What do I need to take part?

You don’t need any specialist equipment or clothing to play badminton. All you need is:

  • a comfortable and sturdy pair of shoes, like trainers,
  • loose clothing that you are able to move easily in,
  • and a water bottle to help keep you hydrated while you play.

The clubs and sports halls will provide the rackets and shuttle cocks for hire or use during your session. And as this is predominantly an indoors sport, you won’t need to worry about wet-weather or warmer clothing.

Positively Impact Your Mental Health:

Even short bursts of regular exercise have proven benefits to your physical and mental health, making this indoor sport a fantastic way to boost your well-being.