Seated Exercise Classes

Explore how taking part and joining seated exercise classes can help keep you active. Find your local class in Lincolnshire today.

From armchair yoga to seated fitness sessions, try something new and keep active in a different way with these chair-based exercise classes across the county. These sessions are focused on getting you moving more, in an achievable, fun and safe way. No matter your fitness level, you can do seated exercises.

Two ladies taking part in an seated chair exercise class at LNER Stadium, Lincoln.

Seated Exercise Classes in Lincolnshire

Chair-based fitness, Sleaford Leisure Centre

Sleaford Leisure Centre have a dedicated selection of fitness sessions for seniors and older adults. Their chair-based fitness classes, run each Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon, introduce you to using various equipment for a fantastic full-body workout while you are seated.

Seated Chair Exercise Classes, LNER Stadium, Lincoln

Head down to the Centre Spot at Lincoln’s LNER Stadium each Friday morning for their light-hearted seated chair activity sessions. Aimed at introducing you to safe and achievable workouts, no matter your fitness level, keeping you active.

Jubilee Park, Woodhall Spa

Jubilee Park in Woodhall Spa hosts their Chair Based Exercise Classes every Friday afternoon. Designed for everyone and to help develop and maintain fitness, strength, mobility and balance.

Seated Yoga with Apricity Yoga, Buckness Village Hall, Woodhall Spa

Apricity Yoga hosts weekly seated yoga classes in Woodhall Spa suited to all levels and abilities. Join the yoga group for a chance to stretch, breathe, relax and take time for yourself.

Positively Impact Your Mental Health:

Even short bursts of regular exercise have proven benefits to your physical and mental health, making this indoor sport a fantastic way to boost your well-being.