Bracebridge Boxing Club become ‘heavy-weights’ thanks to new funding

Boxing maybe seen as a tough combat sport where two people face each other in a boxing ring, but it is also a fantastic form of exercise, improving your fitness and heart health and strength, as well as being a fun way to get active and release stress in a safe and healthy way.

Bracebridge Boxing Club has been welcoming participants of all ages since 1976 and following the pandemic, wanted to welcome more people in the local community to get involved in boxing-based activities at the club. They were also aware that many people who wanted to get involved were unable to afford to attend sessions or the kit required, and wanted to remove this barrier to ensure that the sport was accessible to all.

Thanks to a grant from Sport England’s Together Fund, distributed through Active Lincolnshire, the club were able to invest in new equipment such as gloves, protective headguards and punch bags for everyone to use. They purchased t-shirts and hoodies which were sold on at a reduced price to members, giving them a sense of belonging to the club. They were all given a high-quality mouth guard as their own, to ensure comfort. Sessions costs were also kept to a minimum for £2 a day or £4 a week for people to attend.

Mark Harbord who has been attending the club for over 30 years, and supported them with the funding application, told us,

‘’Sport England’s Together Fund has made such a huge difference to the Club. The previous gloves, bags and equipment were all a good age, and were just not pleasant for anyone to use. The funding allowed us to purchase all new kit and equipment and it has made such a difference to everyone who comes along. Our numbers have increased vastly, and I have never seen the club so busy. The club looks smart, people love attending, and it has such a buzz about it. It has truly taken us to the next level as a boxing club.’’

The club has seen an increase of around 100 new participants since the funding, and this does not look to stop growing anytime soon. They hope that they can find additional funding in the future for transport and to provide opportunities to get their boxers to competitions and sparring throughout the UK.

Mark Ha

CEO of Active Lincolnshire, Emma Tatlow participated in one of the sessions at the Club to see firsthand the impact the club has on its participants and the difference the Together Fund has made. “It was my first ever experience of walking into a boxing club, so I faced the same nervousness and worries as anyone else might going through the doors for the first time. As soon as I arrived, I realised I had no reason to worry.. The place had a definite air of sweaty bodies and hardworking people – the energy and positive vibes were strong.

Members and coaches told me how the club benefits participants, from helping their mental health, giving them more self-confidence to making friends for life, and then of course there’s the fitness. It’s a tough but enjoyable way to work out and move more. I left the session on a high, the atmosphere, the music, the positive spirit, and passion was palpable. We’re delighted to have been able to support the club and wish them every success in continuing to thrive and support local people to live happier healthier lives.’’

The Bracebridge Club continues to support participants and welcomes anyone who would like to get involved and give it a go. Please contact the team

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