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A group of people, some standing and some in wheelchairs pose for a photo on an indoor tennis court.

Lincolnshire Tennis rallies on wheels, to welcome all to the sport

Tennis is one of our best loved sports here in the UK and watching Wimbledon is a highlight of the British Summer, not only for the fast-paced sport, but to enjoy our strawberries and cream with a glass of Pimms!

Lincolnshire Tennis have been supporting tennis clubs in the county for over 100 years and working with clubs around the county, encouraging them to offer opportunities to all sections of the local community, including those with a physical disability.

Whilst there have been active wheelchair tennis squads running at Grantham Tennis Club for some time, thanks to Sport England’s Together Fund, distributed in the county by Active Lincolnshire, they have been able to launch wheelchair tennis throughout the county. Their first step was to purchase eight tennis wheelchairs, ensuring that those reliant on a wheelchair for mobility or those who have limited mobility are able to are able to participate in physical exercise and enjoy tennis. Two of the chairs have been issued to Sleaford Tennis Club which currently has an all-inclusive group running and four chairs have enabled Louth Tennis and Sports  Centre to be able to develop a new wheelchair tennis programme which is open to all. The final two have been received by Boston where they have been regularly used by individuals. Several players have since purchased their own chairs to play.

A man in a wheelchair playing tennis.

Ten coaches have now attended a ‘Disability Awareness in Tennis’ course, which will support the sessions and there are hopes to have a club start in Lincoln in 2024. With a venue already found and the correct chairs this is looking hopeful and Lincolnshire Tennis are looking forward to promoting wheelchair tennis around the county with the physical and mental benefits for all this brings.

Anthony, one of the participants of the sessions told us what attending has done for him:

“I played tennis before my accident, and I didn’t think I would be able to play until fully recovered, so when the Club told me wheelchair tennis was going to be available, I thought I would have a go. I didn’t realise I would get so much out of it. One of the enjoyments is playing with others and learning how to play tennis in a wheelchair. Hopefully the Club will carry on with it and I will come and do it. It’s great. It has helped me so much – not just physically but mentally because it gives me a rush!’’

In December 2023, a festival event welcomed Support Workers to have a go and understand the benefits that the sport brings. The team hope to run a wheelchair tennis tournament in 2024, as well as looking at disability summer camps.

Coach Jane, told us:

‘’Having worked within Tennis for many years and working with many squads, our wheelchair squad is the most fulfilling and inspirational squad we have ever worked with. The individual challenges, motivation and achievements of all the participants are a truly inspiring and heart-warming journey to be part of. The impact the funding has had on the participants has been immeasurable. The smiles and the laughter, the camaraderie and the support say it all!’’

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Sleaford Tennis Club

Grantham Tennis Club

Louth Tennis Club and Sport Centre

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