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A group of children many in tutus dance on stage with green, red and blue lights in the background.

Dance Your Way to Happiness boosts mental health of Lincoln Theatre Students

Having a good dance in our kitchen, living room or wherever else we are when that feel good song comes on, is guaranteed to lift our spirits, make us smile and get our bodies moving. Curious Theatre School CIC, based in Lincoln, wanted their students to have that feeling, and build their confidence, as they had noticed poor mental health in their students.

Thanks to Sport England’s Together Fund, distributed by Active Lincolnshire their ‘Dance Your Way to Happiness’ project delivered an eight-week project, of dance and acrobatics sessions to children and young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds throughout Lincoln.

The project culminated in a performance show delivered at LPAC in Lincoln last year, where participants were able to showcase what they had achieved to friends and family.

Sarah-Jane Honeywell, Producer at Curious Theatre School who led the project told us,

“The funding has changed the lives of so many who took part. Not only did we all find happiness through the project, but we also were able to give the young people who took part a glimpse into their own happy futures by broadening their own horizons of what is possible through dance.”

She added:

“When we set out to do our ‘Dance Your Way to Happiness’ project, not only did we want to get young people moving and to find joy in their own ability. We also wanted to lift their spirits through movement. Giving them encouragement to commit to themselves and to push their own boundaries. We gave them the opportunity to achieve beyond their usual dance classes and be celebrated that in a performance. I am thrilled that not only did we achieve this but many of our participants have now broadened their future horizons, seeing that they can dance for a living. We gave them the realisation that opportunities, that usually only Southern and privileged communities can explore are easily achievable for them too. Showing them that we will help them achieve what they once thought impossible.’’

The Curious Theatre School CIC was set up in 2019 to teach dance, drama and music to local students, but the school has become a lifeline and support to many who are involved. It’s a place where dreams are made. The school has a strong ethos that they welcome all that feel they do not fit in with the academic world, a place where they can be themselves with no judgement, a place where physical and mental wellbeing is paramount and a place that cares about each of its students. The school gives children a sense of belonging where they can come together and find out who they are in a safe and caring environment.

The school supports students that would normally find the cost of attending a dance session a barrier, as well as supporting existing attendees who wish to do more without having any further financial pressure.

To find out how you can get involved at Curious Theatre School, contact the team online at