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Two women in a park, leaping into the air.

Bumpcamp – Providing Physical Activity for Pregnant Women and New Mums

What do you do when you have a new baby and don’t have easy access to childcare to allow for you to get back into exercise following childbirth?

When Michaela was faced with this dilemma she decided to create her own exercise class that allows women to return to fitness without the worry of childcare, feeding routines and every other stress that comes with having a new baby. Michaela (pictured left above) set up Bumpcamp in Lincolnshire in June 2021 and has since welcomed over 100 mums and their babies to the sessions in North Hykeham and Sturton by Stow, creating a supportive group with new friendships that continue far after returning to work.

Read Michaela’s story below

Women with buggies in a park doing exercise.

“I am currently pregnant with my second baby and it has been a great experience leading pre and postnatal fitness whilst going through the journey of pregnancy again myself. Bumpcamp began following the birth of my first baby; there was nowhere to workout with childcare. But this time around I am getting the opportunity to workout during my pregnancy, with a child in tow all whilst providing the same opportunity to my members who are either pregnant too or have recently had children themselves.

People often think that exercise is dangerous for your baby however research suggests that active women are less likely to experience problems later in pregnancy and during labour. As I enter the third trimester of my pregnancy, things are feeling tougher, but I know that if I can remain active for as long as possible throughout my pregnancy, it will help my body cope with my changing shape and size as well as my impending labour.

I have absolutely loved continuing to work out during my pregnancy whilst providing these opportunities for my members, and their support, encouragement and positive feedback certainly helps get me through these later days.”

What Bumpcamp Members say

Read some feedback from members of the Bumpcamp group:

“I went to Bumpcamp with my little boy who was 4 months old. I absolutely loved this class as Kayla is a great instructor, who understands the pressures of being a mum with a baby and makes the class as easy and enjoyable as possible. She is able to adapt workouts to include the baby if they are a little unsettled as well as adapting them to different fitness levels.” Emma M

“I absolutely love Bumpcamp! I went back in September when I was pregnant and have been going every term since January and I can’t wait for the next session. Workouts are always shown with suggested adaptations for a lower or higher impact depending on what stage you’re at in terms of fitness and recovery or pregnancy. After each session we sit in the café area to feed the babies and have a natter. Everyone is so friendly, I highly recommend Bumpcamp to anyone whether pregnant or with a baby.”  Natalie

Bumpcamp sessions take place in North Hykeham and Sturton by Stow during term times. Visit the Bumpcamp booking website for more information about Bumpcamp and to find out how you can get involved.

You can also find Bumpcamp on Facebook @ThisMamaCanBumpcamp