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Think Active

Physical Activity Sessions to promote good mental health and wellbeing.

Active Lincolnshire’s Think Active Support Groups were set up to provide friendly activity sessions that allowed participants to take the first steps into an active lifestyle, whilst supporting mental wellbeing.

Sessions as part of the programme included Walk and Talk Walking groups, dancing, and online yoga sessions. Originally set up by Active Lincolnshire, the Think Active Walk & Talk sessions are now continuing independently, and you can still enjoy taking part in Dance Free in Nature sessions.

The walking and Dance Free in Nature sessions take place outdoors, with the opportunity to spend time in nature recognised as being beneficial in improving wellbeing, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Dance Free is Nature sessions allow you to move to music, with silent disco headphones. You don’t need to have any dance experience, just move however you like to the rhythm of the music.

Dance Free Sessions allow you to enjoy the freedom of moving to music outdoors.

‘This experience was a wonderful way to release tension and emotions, feel connected with others again, be joyful and be free without judgement, expectations or worry.

Dance Free participant

The following Walk and Talk Groups are currently running: