Man pushing bike along outside Doddington Hall

Getting Started Cycling

If it’s been long time since you got on a bike or you’ve never cycled before, getting started can be a little daunting. Take a look at our tips below to help you get pedalling and follow the links at the bottom of the page for more in depth advice on everything from choosing a bike to road safety. 

Choosing a bike  

A bike shop can advise you on the right type of bike for you. Think about where you want to ride – mainly on the road, or on off road tracks or paths?
Check that the handlebars and saddle are the right height for you to ride comfortably. If you don’t want to purchase a new bike, second hand ones can be a good option. Just make sure the get it checked over to make sure it is safe before you go out on it.
A cycle helmet is recommended, but is not a legal requirement. If you are planning on riding at night, remember you’ll need reflective clothing and lights for your bike.

Never cycled before?   

“It’s as easy as riding a bike” the expression goes, but if you’ve never learnt to cycle getting going on two wheels as an adult might seem a bit of a challenge. The good news is it’s never too late to learn!

Take a look at this advice from Cycling UK aimed at helping adults learn to ride a bike Video: How to teach an adult to ride a bike in simple steps | Cycling UK  

To help you learn to ride or to improve your road skills you might want to consider a course such as bikeability who offer courses to adults, as well as children.   

Where to start cycling 

When you’re getting started it’s best to stick to quiet roads, or traffic free areas, such as a local park or cycle path, until you build up your confidence.

As with any new form of exercise the best advice it to start slowly and increase the length and distance you cycle gradually. You might want to plan out your route before you set off, so you can concentrate on cycling rather than your route. Find cycle routes near to you on the Lincolnshire County Council website

You can also keep track of how far you are cycling with apps such as Strava, Map my Ride or a fitness watch, to see how much progress you are making!

Visit the websites below for more useful advice on getting started cycling.

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