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Active Travel – Cycling

Cycling to get to work, or swapping the car for bikes for the school run, can be an easy way to fit more movement into your day and improve your health and wellbeing. By cycling for shorter journeys, you could also save money and avoid those infuriating traffic jams. Importantly, you’ll also be helping to reduce air pollution in your local area and doing your bit to reduce climate change.

If you normally get the train to work, you could consider cycling rather than driving to the station (If you have a fold up bike you can even take it with you on the train).

Cycle to Work Scheme

If you want to cycle to work, you can ask you employer to see if they are signed up to the Cycle to Work scheme. The Cycle to Work scheme is designed to help you save money on a new work bike, allowing you to spread the cost of a new bike over a period of tax free instalments.

Find out more about the cycle to work scheme

Cycling to School

Cycling or scooting to school is a great way for children to get some of their recommended daily 60 minutes of activity in. It also helps reduce pollution and congestion around the school gates.

Children who use active travel to get to school will be more alert and ready to learn than those who travel to school by car.

Read this article from Sustrans with some great advice for cycling to school, including safety.

More Useful Links

British Cycling Commuting Advice

British Cycling have some useful video guides and a free e-book for those who would like support commuting by bike to work.

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Cycling UK Journey Planner

Need help find the best routes to cycle? Take a look at Cycling UK’s Journey Planner.

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Cycle hire Lincoln

Not ready to buy your own bike? Hire Bike Lincoln allows you to hire bikes, and has electric and pedal bikes available to pick up from locations across Lincoln and the surrounding area.

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Access Lincoln 

Find information on Park and Bike, and cycle storage in Lincoln.

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(Please note the Access Lincoln website is no longer being updated).