Getting People Active

Working Together

There are lots of ways we can work with you to promote the benefits and opportunities for local people to be more active.

Find out more about our widget for sharing the Activity Finder and discover the other resources we have and how we can work together to create more.

Activity Finder Widget

Help your users find opportunities to be active near them, through your website, with a single click with our Activity Finder Widget. 

Our widget is an online tool that can be easily added to any website. It has a search bar that allows visitors to enter a location and be shown local activities, clubs and places nearby where they can take part in sport or other types of physical activity. Results can be pre-filtered so the results are tailored for your users. 

We will work with you to customise the widget and give you a short piece of HTML code that can be embedded anywhere on your website(s). Find out more about how the widget can be customised below. 

Once on your website, visitors simply enter their location and click ‘search’. They will be instantly directed to the results on Let’ (in a new tab or window).

Here’s an example of how the widget can look. Feel free to enter a location and explore the results on the Activity Finder.

Customisation Options


We will work with you to choose a background image that is relevant to your audience and likely results. 

We can use an image you supply or select something suitable from our image libraries. 


The widget can be set to almost any size and shape so it’ll fit seamlessly into your website.

Choose any shape from a small square through to a full width banner. 

The widget is responsive and will adapt with your website for use on mobiles etc. 


Results can be pre-filtered so they are relevant to the people you support and help them find the best ways to be active for them. 

Filters include; sport / activity type, listing type (clubs / activities / places), search radius, age range, gender, various disability filters, skill level, price, session days,  times & provider name. 

Call To Action

Change the title on the widget to suit your users and to be relevant to what results will be shown. 

It might be location specific 
like “Find Activities In Skegness”, focused on a type of activity such as “Discover Walking Sports Near You” or use a different filter like “Find Things To Do For Under £5”.

The widget above has no filters pre-selected so you will see all activities, clubs and venues near the location you enter. 

Themed Content

Let’s Move Lincolnshire hosts a range of themed content across the site designed to support and inspire Lincolnshire residents to be more active.

We have guides and resources on a range of topics like getting active with a health condition or moving for mental health.

If your area of work isn’t already covered or there is something we can add to better help and signpost the people you support, we would value your input so we can develop the right content, together.

We explore some of the less typical activities that people can join in with across Lincolnshire like paddleboarding and walking cricket in our Try Something Different section. Help people who might not think of themselves as sporty to discover a new way to be active.

Find inspiring stories to share in Your Stories. If you know of someone with a story to share, we’d love to hear it.


If you need physical resources to help promote Let’s Move Lincolnshire to the people you support, please contact us to find out what’s available. 

Some resoures can be customised depending on the scale and requirements.  

For Mums to be & New Mums

For most women with an uncomplicated pregnancy, keeping active during pregnancy is safe and has many health benefits.

Benefits of being active during pregnancy include:

  • Helps to control weight gain

  • Helps to reduce high blood pressure problems

  • Helps to prevent Diabetes of Pregnancy

  • Improves fitness

  • Improves sleep

  • Boosts mood

Keeping fit could also help you in labour, and make it easier to get back in shape following the birth.

Get in touch to discuss how we can work together to support people across Lincolnshire in being more active, more often.